Art of Air War is a cross platform aircraft
combat game created by DZ-Games Company.

The game comes with multiple play modes
cross platform multiplayer and single-Player.
Currently , the game is available only on play store

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job offer

If you have any experience in this stuff and you are interested to work with us please send a message.
- Unreal engine 4
- 3D modeling

Game Description

this game developed by DZ-Games company , using unreal engine 4.
and here is some information about the game.

  • Platforms

    Android/ Ios.
    Pc/ Mac.
    Playstation 4/ Xbox one.

  • Game Mode

    Team Death-Match, two factions against each other. In every round end the side who has more kills number wins the round. The team who achieve the third round first will wins the match. When a player die will re-spawn in 20 seconds.

  • Multi-Player Mode

    Player can play in random match or he can invite his friend to play with.

  • Single-Player Mode

    player can play against AI in a custom battle.

  • Inventory

    Player will start with one aircraft and he can buy new aircrafts when he collects gold from winning battle or purchase it from the store.

  • Updates coming

    - Play mode: story mode (missions).
    - Clans: player can create or join clans, and will be a clan’s war.


cross platform aircraft combat game.